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Good in an emergency

Emergencies can happen anywhere and suddenly.
Until the rescue service arrives, the lay rescuer is required to use the material at his disposal.
So that the patient can be offered the best possible initial care, we offer a training program tailored to you.
The training and further education are provided by our experienced, qualified. Paramedic HF is offered, so the topics are taught in a completely practical way and trained by professionals.

BLS-AED-SRC complete course

The training takes place according to the guidelines of the Swiss Resuscitation Council (SRC) and is carried out by our qualified Paramedics HF trained and trained.


Training to become a company paramedic

At the  When it comes to the training and further education of first aid people (non-professional helpers), we adhere to the specifications of the Inter-Association for the Rescue Services (IVR), which sets the content standard.


We also follow the recommendations of the Swiss Association for Industrial Health (SVBS), which makes concrete recommendations for training

of first aid people and first aid equipment.

Children's emergency training

We offer child first aid courses specifically for educators who work primarily with small children or babies in daycare centers, toddler groups or parent initiatives.  The training concept is based on the most common age-specific emergency images. Our tailor-made courses for every age group give you the security you need to keep a cool head even under stress. In addition to intensive training in life-saving action schemes, topics such as organizing first aid and accident prevention are not neglected in daycare centers.

Book courses

Book one of our courses online now.

We offer you professional expertise from our instructors with the most modern equipment.

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