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Specialist in fire protection

Our customers include industrial, production and service companies, fire departments, schools, homes, care centers and private individuals.
We offer the following services to our customers: 

Fire protection training

The Association of Cantonal Fire Insurance Companies VKF Calls owners and users of buildings and facilities to instruct staff on the instructions issued for alerting the fire brigade and what to do in the event of a fire.

  • We bring your employees, the phenomenon of fire in more detail and train them in the correct behavior in the event of a fire.

Firefighting courses

We show you how to properly use hand fire extinguishers, fire blankets and other auxiliary extinguishing materials for safe handling in an emergency. 

"If we learn to understand fire and its behavior, we have the opportunity to fight it successfully." 

Tobias Schweizer

Evacuation drills

We lead to ensure functioning coordination of fire protection measures, Alarm and evacuation drills through. 

Advice on structural, technical and organizational fire protection

Due to modern construction methods and new technologies, fire protection has become more interdisciplinary and complex in recent years. In this area, construction workers and owners are increasingly required to take personal responsibility. Major damage caused by fire events at home and abroad has highlighted the potential danger posed by a fire. Only high quality in planning and execution creates safety in use.


In addition to defensive fire protection, effective and economical fire protection also includes preventive fire protection. The building owner's fire protection concepts must be approved by the cantonal or checked and approved by local authorities.

The building owner as well as the planners demand from the

competent authority to process building applications competently and quickly. In contrast, the authority expects the building owner, planners and the executing authorities to have the necessary knowledge and skills in preventative fire protection and to implement this know-how into an integral fire protection concept.



Cases of damage to buildings


million Swiss francs in damage





Seriously injured people have to go to a burn center

Is electricity at the top for fire damage amounts

(Source: VKG)

Development of security concepts for companies or events

Developing security concepts for companies, concerts, exhibitions and markets. These often take place in tents or other temporary structures. The organizers build stages or spectator facilities.  The more people there are on site, the greater the security requirements. It is important to avoid fires and to evacuate people safely in an emergency.

Creation of fire protection concepts for planners and architects

As Fire protection specialist We support planners, architects and building owners in these matters.

We base our professional activities on fire protection principles and thereby guarantee that construction projects are implemented in accordance with fire protection regulations and in accordance with the current state of the art and that the focus is on achieving the required protection of people and property.

Escape route planning

We create usage-oriented escape route concepts that meet the legal requirements for technical and structural design, safety lighting and escape route marking. Our solutions not only take personal safety into account, but also burglary protection.

Example escape and rescue plan

Assumption of the mandate as safety officer for fire protection

As Fire protection specialist We are active in advising, planning, executing, implementing or controlling preventive fire protection measures for the following areas:
- Agricultural buildings up to 3000 m²
- Residential buildings up to the high-rise limit;
- Storage rooms for motor vehicles up to 1200 m², maximum 1 floor;
- Smaller commercial and industrial buildings without an increased risk of fire;
- Shops up to 1200 m² and an occupancy of up to 100 people;
- Smaller restaurants and guest establishments with an occupancy of up to 100 people;
- School buildings, kindergartens, multi-purpose halls with an occupancy of up to 100 people.

We support all efforts in your company to improve safety. As Safety officer for fire protection We have a duty to identify any threats and work to eliminate them. To do this, it is first necessary to know the sources of danger in the company. We regularly check the area for which we are responsible for fire protection deficiencies and inform the person responsible in the company. Such defects can be structural, technical or organizational.

Sandra M.

“I now feel confident using the hand fire extinguisher”

Mike L.

"Had to attend the training three times and it was never boring"

Peter R.

"This was one of the best courses I attended"

Security monitoring at events

Implementation of the planned event with inspections and improvement of the safety concepts on site.

Maintenance of hand fire extinguishers and water fire stations

Fire extinguishers can only safely fulfill their purpose of protecting human life and property from fire if they are kept in a usable condition. This is the case with most fire extinguishers, for example. B. in the commercial sector legally required, but just as necessary in the area of voluntary purchase and definitely recommended for technical reasons.


Extinguishing water pipes/wall hydrants serve both as self-help for laypersons and as a supporting water supply for the fire brigade when fighting fires. In order to ensure the function and safety of this life-saving technology for the user, regular maintenance of these systems is necessary.


  • Make an appointment with us so that we can carry out maintenance on your extinguishing equipment or bring your hand-held fire extinguishers.directly with us over.

Installation of fire alarm systems

We plan, install and maintain fire alarm systems from Jablotron. Radio or bus smoke detectors for hazard detection can also be combined with an alarm system. You can find more information inthis oneVideo.

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